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Empowering organisations to deliver High-Quality battle-ready software

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Regal Test Automation Platform

Over the past few years, Telaverge’s Core Vision has been to help customers to achieve newer heights with Regal RCC

Regal for Containers and Cloud (RCC) is a robust Test Automation Orchestration Platform. It offers a whole new approach to testing by streamlining and optimising the process. DevOps/Microservice models today are more mature to take on the continuous activities of software testing. Test Automation Orchestration is key to improving quality, reducing cost, improving time-to-market, and getting better visibility through analytics using AI/ML.


Regal Features

Compute Resource Management

Compute Resource Management enables the management of physical servers. These servers and associated resources (memory, processor, network connection, hard drive, and OS) are allocated to run the test applications of different projects. 


Software Integration

Applications are designed to work in different computing platforms. Integration and management of various software component versions such as OS, platform, application, and package are challenging.


Test Orchestration

Enables automating multiple tasks into a Test Automation Process or Test Automation Workflow. Orchestration allows for scheduling all the automated testing tasks in a well-defined order.

Kubernetes Cluster Management

Container-based microservices architectures have profoundly changed the way development and operations teams test and deploy modern software. Containers make it easier to scale and deploy applications.


Cloud Enablement

Enables easy deployment and provides automation for managing cloud resources.  Supported deployment models include - Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.

Easy Test Development

Flexible and fast test creation. Provides an easy-to-use language with extensive helper tools and libraries for ensuring a fast-paced development of automated tests.


Continuous Automation 

Regal focuses on Continuous Automation Testing. Regal allows automated tests to test all potential code changes as early as possible.

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Shift Left and Orchestration

Regal aligns with the shift-left philosophy in organisational Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Regal’s orchestration helps to reduce the testing feedback cycle, thus shortening the time to market.

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Easy Test Case Writing

Regal enables the tester to simulate complex test scenarios easily. It separates test data from the test case.

Huge Cost Savings

Automating the complete testing process with Regal reduces the overall resources spent on the test process, thereby cutting testing costs.

Reporting and Centralized

A key benefit of Regal is that it provides Real-Time Analytics using AI/ML with Dashboards giving you an understanding of the current state of your product or solution.

Agnostic – Easily Integrated

Regal can be integrated with third-party and homegrown tools, previously developed test cases, and CI/CD ecosystems. This eliminates the need for a disjointed and multi-process SDLC. With Regal, everything is integrated within one platform.

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