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About Us

Every day is not just an ordinary working day for us, we go to work to innovate, share ideas and create small-wonders, making the world a little simpler and more connected place each day.

As a global organization, our minds are always busy finding cutting-edge digital solutions backed with automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Why Regal?

Regal for Containers and Cloud (RCC) is a robust Test Automation Orchestration Platform. It offers a whole new approach to testing by streamlining and optimizing the process in the most efficient way. DevOps/Microservice models today are more mature to take on the continuous activities of software testing. Test Automation Orchestration is key to improving quality, reducing cost, improving time-to-market, and getting better visibility through analytics using AI/ML.

Regal for Containers and Cloud (RCC) is a Flagship product of Telaverge Communications

Telaverge is headquartered in Dallas, TX with a team of 200+ Strong Engineers in our Development Centre in Bangalore, India. Telaverge offers Product Engineering services for Enterprise and Telecom software vendors. As a natural evolution of providing Test Automation Services to companies, it made practical sense to create a vehicle for Test Automation and Test Orchestration. Telaverge engineers have years of expertise in understanding all the components that make up a complete Test Automation methodology. Regal for Containers and Cloud (RCC) is a robust Test Automation Orchestration Framework.

Regal is the perfect automation tool for all your goals

Regal for Containers and Cloud (RCC) for ALL your test requirements such as Integration Testing, Load Testing, Solution Testing, Performance Testing, Stability Testing, Chaos Testing, etc. It can also be integrated with 3rd party and homegrown test tools and test cases.

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