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Continuous Automation 

Regal focuses on Continuous Automation Testing. Regal allows automated tests to test all potential code changes as early as possible.

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Shift Left and Orchestration

Regal aligns with the shift-left philosophy in organisational Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Regal’s orchestration helps to reduce the testing feedback cycle, thus shortening the time to market.

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Easy Test Case Writing

Regal enables the tester to simulate complex test scenarios easily. It separates test data from the test case.

Huge Cost Savings

Automating the complete testing process with Regal reduces the overall resources spent on the test process, thereby cutting testing costs.

Reporting and Centralized

A key benefit of Regal is that it provides Real-Time Analytics using AI/ML with Dashboards
giving you an understanding of the current state of your product or solution.

Agnostic – Easily Integrated

Regal can be integrated with third-party and homegrown tools, previously developed test cases, and CI/CD ecosystems. This eliminates the need for a disjointed and multi-process SDLC. With Regal, everything is integrated within one platform.

Effective Utilization of Test

Test servers can be shared across multiple projects. Regal reduces
the idle time and helps make more efficient use of hardware resources.

Saves Time and 

Regal Test Automation Orchestration Pla saves time and effort for complex and long-term projects.

Improved Test 

Regal can be used for unit testing, integration testing, load testing, solution testing, stability testing, performance testing, and chaos testing. One platform for all your test requirements.

Eliminate Manual 

Regal enables automated End-to-End Testing from a Single Interface and eliminates human errors, especially in repetitive and complex test cases.

Fast Test Development and

Regal enables flexible and faster Test Development and Execution by providing extensive libraries and helper methods using Python. Regal is customisable and extensible.

Easy to manage Test Beds and Test Data

One of the most significant value propositions of Regal is the dynamic creation of the Test Bed with Test Plans, Test Suites, and Test Cases, which can be spun up and torn down on-demand.


A key benefit of Regal is the Real-Time Analytics using AI/ML with Dashboards that gives you an understanding of the current state of the product or solution.

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